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All Creatures of Our God and King....
Lift Up your Voices and with us sing......



"If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men." -Saint Francis of Assisi
Saint Francis of Assisi practiced true equality by showing honor, respect and love to every person and living thing be they beggar or pope.  His brotherhood included all of God's creation.  Much has been written about Francis's love of nature but his relationship was deeper than that. We call someone a lover of nature if they spend their free time in the woods or admire its beauty. But Francis really felt that nature, all God's creation were part of this brotherhood.  The sparrow was as much his brother as was the Pope.
In one famous story, Francis preached to hundreds of birds, reminding them to be thankful to God for their wonderful clothes, for their independence, and for  God's generous care.  This legend tells us that the birds stood still as he walked among them, only flying off or chirping when he said they could.
Perhaps the most famous story about Francis involves a large hated, man-eating wolf.  Francis intervened when the town wanted to kill the wolf, and talked the wolf into never killing again.  This killer wold became a pet to the townspeople who from that point on, made sure that the wolf was always well fed!
Saint Francis today is the Patron Saint of all animals and of the enviroment.




Blessed are you, Lord God,

Maker of all Living creatures.

On the fifth and sixth days of creation,

You called forth the fish from the seas,

birds of the air, and animals of the land,

You inspired Saint Francis to

call ALL ANIMALS his brothers and sisters.

We ask you to bless this animal.

By the power of your love,

enable it to live according to your plan.

May we always praise you and thank you for ALL your beauty in creation.

Blessed are you, Lord God,

in all your creatures.




Heavenly Father,

you created all things for your glory,

and made us stewards of this creature.

If it is your will,

restore it to health and strength.

Blessed are you, and holy is Your name forever and ever.


(The above prayers were taken from St. Anthony Press)