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Beautiful Blue Lynx Point Girl, with big blue eyes.

Madeline Jean and her bicolor colorpoint shorthair Scottish Fold girl, 2010.

Blue Lynx Point girl.

 In the North America, Colorpoint Scottish Folds are extremely rare, and quite controversial in the cat fancy.  They have long been accepted for championship competition by CFF, TICA, and CCA.  In fact, our colorpoint folds were instrumental in getting this unique color-pattern accepted in both CFF and TICA.  In CFA, pointed folds are not allowed, and are not registerable, presuming the color is a result of direct  hybridization to other breeds (Himalayans, Siamese, Birmans, etc) to attain this color.
Colorpoint Scottish Folds, are a natural occuring phenomenon.  Since the early days of the breed, folds were bred to any unrelated cat to insure its genetic diversity.  Some of those cats were taken from shelters, and many of those cats carried the colorpoint gene.  Since our lines are directly descended from those cats, colorpoints often appear in our litters.  The gene often remains hidden appearing only occasionally in random litters.  Colorpoint British have been accepted and shown in Europe, and all British are acceptable outcrosses for Scottish Folds.  In fact, many of the folds being shown and bred in Eastern Europe are colorpointed folds, in large classes of over twenty colorpoint folds.  There are no cat shows in this country were one sees more than five Scottish Folds entered, in all classes combined
Colorpoint folds are beautiful, with the dark points dramatizing the folded ears.  Because colorpoint folds get their color from colorpoint British or from natural populations, the eye color is nearly deep purple, rivaling even the cornflower blue of today's ragdoll.

Ch Franciscan Requiem for a Dead Nun nursing a litter of kittens, with a colorpoint kitten.

A litter of seal silver lynxpoints longhair Scottish Folds, February 2006

This is Franciscan Micah, one of the silver lynx point kittens from the picture above.

A lovely litter of pointed folds born in 1986!


Flame point longhair male, and his blue tortie colopoint sister, 1986

Angela Jean, Madeline Jean's mom, and her cat a lovely folded sealpoint shorhair!

Little Witches Constant Craving, a blue tortiepoint mitted shorthair fold